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thanks mrt949 -- when I ordered it, all I had to go by on the octagonal barrel was from photos, never held one in my hand....but I was very happy when it was delivered....

and I put 150 rds thru it yesterday at my local range...
I don't know about your insurance story kcub ....but I'd be careful about repeating it your local store taking that position because freedom arms won't indemnify them as a seller for some reason, maybe your gun store is deamanding something unusal on the mfg's insurance because they don't have products liability insurance, does FA's have commercial general liability, do they have products liability / do any firearms mfg's have products liability insurance or are they self insured ??? .....those are all very complicated issues. Maybe your local dealer won't carry them in inventory - because they have to pay 100% for them up front/and FA's won't take them back if he can't sell them...and he won't take the risk.../ could be a lot more info behind the scenes...?? Why would he sell them used --- does he think the liability is different - or that the products liability is different ?? And all of this is probably better left to his lawyer - and Freedom Arms lawyers / and after all, your local gun store can do what he wants - its his store.

A couple of stores in my area do carry new Freedom Arms ...and I've never heard anyone say anything bad about dealing with them / my personal email conversations with Freedom Arms have always been coridal when I was asking questions on specs, etc trying to make up my mind on what I wanted to order.
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