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"I recently paid $275 for an old sheriff's trade in S&W 65-3 that is now my truck gun. It has some cosmetic blemishes, but is in otherwise great shape. I wanted the same thing for when I go places I can't carry inside because I don't like driving home late at night without a gun. The great thing about a revolver is you can run a cable through the trigger guard and lock the gun on something inside your truck. Then someone who smashes and grabs can't steal the gun because it would take bolt cutters to get it out."

Sounds like what I want but finding one is proving to not be easy around here, have never bought on line. Like I said would love to run across an old Ruer or S&W like that. Good idea on the cable, there are just times I would have to leave a gun in the car/truck. Still don't have my CCW yet, should have gotten it before the latest shooting, now the line is crazy. How do you post with a quote, I'm copy/paste as of now.
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