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Ironically "bird_dog" beat me to it by a few minutes

I looked long and hard for almost a year before getting my hands on one of the fairly rare, discontinued Taurus Titanium Trackers in 41Mag (357s are much more common). The Trackers are not meant to be high volume, heavy load shooters. The cylinders are therefore too short for the heavy bullets. But my Titanium has handled several years of real magnum loads (not max loads) with no issues. I do carry max loads with 250gr bullets in grizzly country, which was why I bought the gun.

It is meant as a light, compact, powerful trail gun that you will always have on you, and in that role it performs very well. If you want a target gun buy something else; I shoot my heavy steel revolvers respectably but the couple lightweight ones I have are less accurate. Not the gun's fault, it is simply harder to shoot lightweight magnums with precision. I would not hesitate to shoot at deer within bow range though.

If you want a 44Mag that is easy to carry and will easily handly 240gr deer hunting loads, this is an option. But don't forget a good pair of electronic muffs; with the porting I guarantee you will regret it if you pull the trigger without them.
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