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One big problem with the accutrigger is the blade in the middle of the trigger. It is possible to place your finger on the edge of the trigger and pull it without depressing the blade. The firing pin drops partially, but the firing pin block prevents it from dropping all the way. There are quite a few deer walking around alive today because guns did not fire.

This is the whole point of the accutrigger. It simply prevents the gun from firing unless the blade in the trigger is depressed all the way. This will prevent the gun from firing if the gun is dropped etc. when adjusted to a very light pull

This is exactly the same purpose the blade in a Glock trigger serves, but the blade in a Glock trigger will not let the trigger be pulled at all unless depressed. With a Savage you must recock the bolt and start over if you ever do this.

Lots of guys just use the tip of their finger on a trigger with one adjusted very light. I bet if you place your finger all the way on the trigger and make sure the blade is depressed the problem will go away.

Try this first. If this is not the problem you may have a firing pin or spring problem.
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