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Of the revolvers you mentioned, I have a copy of each and all use number 10 caps. I use only CCIs.

In my life, I have owned probably sixty different cap and ball weapons. I have never needed to change nipples to solve a cap fit problem.

I did replace the nipples on one of my Dragoons because some of the factory nipples were too short and the chamber did not discharge because the hammer never struck the nipples. That was on an ASM and I suspect that the original owner change some nipples that were mushroomed because he was playing with it while watching Lonesome Dove or some such. (Shooting the bad guys.) And he replaced them with nipples that were too short. On that revolver I went to Treso Nipples. It still takes number 10s.

So out of 35 or so revolvers, all but two take CCI 10s and none of them have any problems with caps that don't light the powder.

The two which take CCI 11s are the Rugers.

Please understand, I do not shoot CAS, I don't shoot as often or as seriously as many shooters do. I only shoot about 2000 rounds a year. I am not saying that there is no difference in revolver performance between factory nipples and nipples from an aftermarket supplier.

But I, in my primitive mind and my limited and unscientific observation can not identify the difference.

I might add that I do chrony loads and I get speeds which are in keeping with contemporary standards although I have never chronied a load with and without replacement nipples.

So my feeling is just that; an unscientific feeling.

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