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What about fitting a leather strap around those loading levers that keep dropping to show folks a practical field fix for the problem.
At least you showed folks that the lever dropping can be a constant problem.
Sometimes folks will cock their gun and then attempt to fix the dropped loading lever which places their hand in front of a live cylinder or causes them to point it in awkward directions, or with their finger seemingly touching the trigger or close to it.
Not necessarily in your video but in another Walker video I've seen just that.
Although it wouldn't be shooting Josey Wales style, the Walker is one of those revolvers that folks have said can hit a target at up to 100 yards with some regularity.
I realize that this Uberti is a new gun, but I wouldn't mind seeing if some shots could hit a target that was set up at one or two rifle distances anywhere between 50 -100 yards.
And I can imagine that heavy loads shot from it would be able to penetrate as many water bottles as the Ruger Old Army did if not more. But to me that's not an important test to perform on camera since I realize that there was a bullet deflection problem when shooting through many water bottles in a previous video.
However trying to fire at a target that's large enough to hit at longer range could be interesting. Even if the groups were relatively large it would still be an accomplishment. The Walker's longer barrel should provide a better sighting plane and it shouldn't require excessive powder loads. Maybe you could try it with some Swiss or other target grade powder, and fire at a large metal silhouette or at a large paper target to see how accurate the Walker can shoot at longer range. A long range test would help confirm that the Walker has a higher degree of accuracy than some of the other .44 reproductions on the market, and can do it with more power and consistency.

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