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Thank you gc70

I appreciate the information, this site has been a wealth of information to me over the last few years.

In fact, thanks to everyone here who has helped me better understand, value, and generally enjoy the opportunities firearms have to offer.

I have read through ALL of the firearms related laws as posted within this thread. I have bookmarked it for future reference and I'm pretty sure that I now understand things better.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
It does seem to me that having the CHP should in essence, make purchasing firearms faster as it allows an exemption of the standard NICS background check although that is somewhat offset by it's eighty-dollar investment (or am I mistaken?).

* I was under the knowledge that North Carolina had no set "rules" on open carry, technically...sure I could do it. However, if someone feels scared or terrorized and calls the police then you can get busted for, "terrorizing the public," or "armed to terrorize." I forget the proper nomenclature for the "crime" however; I'm sure you can understand my point nonetheless.

*Also noted, if I were to open carry and I were to become somewhat concealed by clothing or whatever. And I did not have a CHP, than I would be S.O.L. because once again, that is a "crime."

Open carry does not seem like a good option at all for this state.
At least, the (irrationally fearful) mental picture people would get from a strong young man (me) who was open-carrying would probably attract too much attention. I do not want extra attention drawn to me.

Being flashy with an open-carry will draw police attention as well as the rapt attention of folks who are gun-shy (or more properly defined: gun-alienated)...I truly do not want to be bothered. Low key is fine by me.

In conclusion, thank you all for the information.
I feel like I have a better idea of how to go about this process. As well as the fact that the average Sheriff's office can within it's bounds, only issue me five purchase permits per year.
I think I will be getting that CHP as soon as I find the best-priced class. However unreasonable, unnecessary, or bothersome I may feel that class is.

Take care, enjoy Christmas and all those close to you.
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