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TC 209 Wildcat

I'm sure glad I stay up late and read stuff like this! I'm in a similar boat to CDMcKane in that I inherited a full range of BP accessories for a T/C Black Diamond w/o the gun. So I bought a T/C Impact from BPS for $199 w/a 3x9x40 TC scope.
I have one new can of Pyrodex RS, which I now understand to be the exact equivalent of BP by volume-right? I have so far shot 2 pellet charges of White Hots, Pyrodex 50/50 and Hodgdon Triple 7 50gr. pellets. Not satisfied with accuracy of any at this point shooting 240 practice sabots, or 240 Hornady XTPs even though I did take a nice Al 8 pt in my back yard from about 80 yds with the 240 XTP. Having read maybe suggestions that loose powder may be more accurate none I've seen have mentioned anything about the 15% reduction in measured Triple 7 Vs T7 pellets. And I was shopping for T7 Magnum pellets (60grs!) What if I had tried to match that charge with loose T-7! Wow! Thanks Shortwave and Arcticap for the insight and warning.
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