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I was confused. I read in the owner's manual that came with the gun that the use of +P ammo was not recommended. Then I read on their website that the caliber of the gun was listed as .38 Special +P. I thought if the gun was +P rated, why was the use of +P not recommended?

Then I found this in their FAQ section.

Can I shoot +P in my .38 revolver?

Charter .38's are among the smallest revolvers in this caliber. Yes they can handle +P but we do not recommend it for the following reasons:

+P ammo requires a four-inch minimum barrel to burn the extra powder. Therefore, in a two-inch barrel the extra powder is burned after the bullet leaves the barrel creating more recoil and making it harder to come back to target.

We recommend a standard velocity load and practice with round nose lead rounds which are the least expensive. When you load for protection, use a jacketed or hollow point in the same grain you practice with.
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