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I actually tote the 10/22. as stated it can be accessorized more than your average AR15 and can even be made to look like one if you so choose. the 10/22 is not the most accurate gun around but it's one of the most reliable and least picky when it comes to ammo among rimfires. bolt actions may be slightly more cost effective but you learn trigger control and proper technique just as well with a semi auto as a bolt action. also the 10/22 is much cheaper than many of the bolt action 22s out there today so it is just as cost effective to buy the cheaper rifle as it is to give the trigger happy teen a gun that is easy to get carried away with as it is to give him the more expensive but slower firing gun.

I started with a marlin model 60 and it is also a very good choice. more compact and accurate than the 10/22 but just a little pickier with ammo selection and not as customizable but can generally be found for around $150.
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