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I've seen guys pack up and walk out of the range I use to frequent if someone showed up in a lane with a .500 or .460, the concussion was more than most could concentrate and deal with, I always got a kick out of the big boomers and wasn't bothered by them, (although they couldn't be ignored!!!) I owned 2 .500 S&W MAGS, one was the big revolver like you have in the picture and the other was a 14" barreled encore single shot, recoil was totally different between the 2, the revolver was more of a big push you felt hard in the palm of the hand (carpal tunnel area) the single shot encore pushed and rised a lot higher in the air and IMO the recoil was much worse, the barrel was ported and looked similiar to a muzzle brake on a rifle, the revolver was much more enjoyable to shoot.
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