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I would like a 1911 9mm in4 inch.But 1000 is about the max I wan to pay. The Kimber fits the bill but don't know that I want to trust my life with a Kimber, I have owned alot of them and when you get a good one they are great but some can be very unreliable. ....


You are looking for something for concealed carry/self defense, as well as for general fun at the range?

I believe the STI Spartan IV can be had for under $1000, in 9mm, and they have a strong following.

I know Rock Island makes a Tactical series 9mm 1911: the 5" and the 3.5" barreled versions. I'd trust my life to my Rock Island Tactical 5" .45acp 1911. Many others feel the same based on their experiences with Rock Island. They will be under $600, I believe.

However, they are going to have 9 or fewer rounds in the magazine for a 1911 in 9x19mm. Personally I'd pick 8 rounds of .45acp over 9 rounds of 9mm Luger in a 1911 for defense. And I am about equally accurate with either round. If I had issues with recoil I'd go with the 9mm, as it generates less and I'd rather have 9 rounds on target rapidly than 5 rounds of .45 on target slowly.

Again, your other makers put out good 9mms.

I've had better luck with Sig handguns than H&K USP handguns, both in fit and trigger feel [da and sa]. My sample is of 2 sigs and 1 H&K. Not conclusive. I have no experience with Berettas. I'd trust them, but all three feel large in my moderate sized hands that have slightly stubby fingers.
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