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Take note, especially with commemorative revolvers, that even these unfired guns CAN have wear on them. Yes, even those with a pretty presentation case.

Usually, it's a cylinder drag line from cocking and dry firing, or even simply cocking and carefully lowering the hammer.

Commemorative guns are fine objects if that is the sort of thing someone is in to, but much of the gun buying world sees a firearm and little else. That doesn't mean they are BAD, it simply means that they don't always carry a big premium as so many who might own one might WISH they would. And almost all commemorative guns pretty much become EXACTLY that when they do get fired and shot and used.

I'd be fine owning one, but only if I got a good deal on one, and by good deal... I mean for a slightly lower price than a non-commemorative in similar condition.

Another place to check for wear that will absolutely lower the price/value on a commemorative is on the presentation case it comes in or any gadgets related to the whole package, such as a knife. Wear happens easily on the outside and corners of the box and the cushy velvet interior also breaks down. The "value" of these packages is for the whole enchilada.
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