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Anyone get the feeling that wheel guns are about to make a comeback?
Check your map, you are here in the Revolver Forum.
This audience already knows that revolvers NEVER left and don't need a comeback!

I'll always have a soft spot for a Security Six. First center fire handgun I had ever shot. Friend of the family was asked by my Mom to get me out for my first REAL shooting (many years of BB guns and air rifles, CO2 pistols) and we did rimfire rifles first, then a Ruger Single Six.

When the Security Six came out, I asked what caliber and he told me that it was .357 Magnum. I asked him to shoot it first, so I could observe. He declined.

He told me that it wasn't uncontrollable, that I'd be able to handle it and that he wasn't going to "demo" it for me to decide. I didn't have to shoot it if I didn't care to, he'd just take it back to the house. Or I could send 6 shots down range if I was curious.

I did and it was one of those moments in time, like a capsule, that you never forget. Older than many of us surely were when we started-- I was 15 years old.
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