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This kinda reminds me of the joe citizen who got all jammed up by the VICTIM he was trying to help.

As i remember:

A guy hears a female screaming in the area behind his office building. Its late in the evening and not many people around. He goes out back of his office and sees that a man is kicking a woman on the ground and she is screaming. He starts to go to her aid but the badguy has a gun in his hand. The citizen goes to his car and gets a ccw and begins to shout at the bad guy to stop attacking the woman. The two men have words and the citizen is pointing his firearm at the badguy (from cover)telling him to stop. The bad guy stops and the woman gets up and runs to a nearby home across the alley. As the woman escapes, the citizen backs off and returns to his office to call police. He realizes that as he is on the phone, the police are already in the back of the office at his car. Guess what? The Woman (who escaped) went to her house, called police and reported that a unknown man with a gun was threatening her and her boyfirend in the alley. Yep! How's that for a thank you.
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