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J2- I've pondered those things for years. Not only as duty equipment, but also what roles they would play for folks of all levels of familiarity with both firearms and gadgetry. I have just about come to the conclusion that if the owner(s) would train equally (and a LOT) both with and without them- I might be OK with them. My father asked about those things, and it kind of put the issue in a whole new light. My question to him was, "If you get one, and you become accustomed/reliant on seeing the dot come on- what will you do the first time you encounter a dead battery? Will you wave the thing around, shake it, adjust your bi-focals, re-press the button a few times? How long will the guy who just broke into your house take to make his decision to attack or flee while you may not think to point shoot or make proper use of the iron sights?"

So, really it comes down to how you feel about them. Do you practice often enough for them NOT to become a false sense of security?

And about your question about a BG finding you as a tempting target. Nobody knows your place like you do. Either with or without a flashlight or flashlight/laser combo- strategic placement of lighting and shadows put the homefield advantage towards you. Lets say you hear a ruccus in the barn. While going out there, stay in the shaddows as much as you can. In patches of light- move as fast as you can, use body language to look as preturbed and as intimidating as possible. Put a lightswitch on the outside of the barn and/or outbuildings or in the house. When you open a door, don't be standing in the middle of it. Get creative and use every advantage you can think of to give you the upper hand in the event your light/laser fails.
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