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Got the new Burris scope lined up today. (which was a VAST improvement in clarity and brightness over the tasco that it replaced) I bought a box of 115gr winchester ballistic silvertips to experiment with. Ive read alot of good reviews on these and I like the nosler ballistic tip bullets, which is what these bullets essentially are. Just a different color tip and some kind of lulabox or whatever coating that I dont really know anything about. Right after i got the scope semi lined up, the wind started picking up and it started to rain, I knew I was probably wasting my time, but I thought what the heck, Ill shoot one 3-shot group anyway just to see what happens. (at $41 for a box of 20 I cant afford to waste many) To my surprise, even through the wind and rain at 100yds the first two shots were less than 1/2" from center to center, and the third strayed off about 1" from the other two. Ive got to assume the strayer was wind related. hopefully. So even in terrible conditions the silvertips are outperforming the 100gr corelokts. Hopefully if the weather is better tomorrow Ill see 1 MOA or better. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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