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Nice gun but the stock carving degrades its collection value. Savage Forum guys could give you an idea. The metal work looks great, and it's not drilled and taped, through the receiver top which further degrades its value but not its usability. Equipped with a vintage Lyman or Marbles peep it should do 3" gps. at 100 yds...a scope will cut that nearly in half. The .300 Savage is a great caliber, mine will get within 100 fps of .308 velocities as measured in my Sako Forester.

I don' t find it any harder to reload for than a .308, .30-06, or any other bottle necked centerfire round.

My 99 is very accurate, almost to bolt gun standards, and I'd be surprised if yours didn't do as well. It's great for most critters in the lower 48...deer, black bear, antelope's a pic of mine with a typical 100 yd group, shot off the porch rail, not some lead sled bench deal. The guns can shoot!!!...Id Keep it and treasure the legacy your Grand Dad passed on to you...and don't drill that receiver for a scope, you can enjoy it as much or more with a light wt peep, carries better too... Mine was already drilled which cut the price down about $200...I've got $450 in this one, without the scope..Rod

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