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S&W timing issues

I'm spoiled. My first S&W was a new 17-6 circa 1989, new, from Mom, for Christmas. (blew me AWAY) My second S&W was new a 686-3 that I bought with paper route money. (this one still blows me away! )

I cut my teeth on fine, box-fresh K & L frames.

I decided earlier this year that it was just plain ignorant and improper that I didn't own a Model 19. Found a forum friend that had a 4-inch 19-4, the SN of which dates it to 1978 or '79. I made a very fair offer when he asked me to help him set a price. As such, I did not get a steal on this revolver (as I so love to do!) but the gun karma is strong. He's a great guy and we both wanted me to own this revolver.

I am not 100% happy with the cylinder timing of it.

It's not "dangerous" per se, in either DA or SA it carries-up and locks in place. But when doing a very slow and deliberate double action, it's HORRIBLY difficult for me to get it to advance and lock and hold -- before dropping the hammer. I don't know if this is any manner of a "standardized" check, but it is the timing check that I have always used. I should be able to double-action pull a S&W revolver and get it to advance, lock, and hold before dropping the hammer not only on all six chambers, but equally (or close) on all six chambers.

This one is very, very difficult to accomplish that. 4 of 6 are pretty good, two of six are not as good.

Should I be talking to Smith & Wesson? This revolver pre-dates their Lifetime Warranty, which went in to effect right about when I got my first two, somewhere in the very late 80's. And as I said, it's not "broken" or "dangerous", it just isn't as perfect as I want it to be.
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