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I have been thinking about the Mauser for a while now. The price is still kind of ouchy for a collection rifle I won't shoot much so I have not pulled the trigger on it yet. My understanding is that the Mauser design was the basis for most other copies (including allied) of military bolt guns that followed.
you would be correct in a sense.
the springfield 1903 was built by combining a lot of concepts of the 1898 mauser and 1898 krag rifles which were cock on open designs. similarly the american model 1917 was based loosely off of the 1896 mauser design which was a cock on close design. the japanese arisaka family of rifles were also based on the 1896 mauser. with the exception of those rifles being based off of multiple mauser concepts, many other guns of the era like the mosin nagant family, enfields, swiss K11/K31s, french MAS36 and italian carcanos were either proprietary designs or based on other designs nit originally made by mauser.

I waver on this a bit. I am thinking an AR15 in 6.5 would be lighter, as accurate and almost as capable as the .308 AR and do just as well as a bolt gun of equal cost. Am I off base here?

I will say they if do get a bolt gun it would almost certainly be in .30-06. I find this huge cartridge to be very capable.
from what I've read, 6.5 grendel actually does very well and performs much of the duties that you would expect from a 308 only with a smaller bullet in a lighter package.
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