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Dried Out Primers

Yes I know you are not supposed to do this, it was a precaution for primers that were not stored the best. They were all dry but I put them on top of the hot water heater for the last 3 months (and trust me, with our temperatures they stayed nice and toast)

I test fired them and they were fine this last week.

I did not try to save the trays as it would take me years to put them back in.

Currently in a glass jar with a the lid on but not sealed.

The curiosity question is are you better off poking a hole in the lid and letting air circulate or close tight?

I live in Alaska so humidity is not an issue (at least this part!)

I am looking for some small desiccant materiel and close tight would then work, but in the boxes they are not sealed.

Thought it was an interesting question.

Next up is the magnum primers that did have water stains and will see how they do.

Local Gunsmith who shoots the long ranges does the same thing and I figure if its good enough for him I am fine.

I don't advocate it for anyone, but I am fine for myself
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