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After running into the discontinuation rumors, myself, I found the same thing you did:
SP-101 and Blackhawk showing up on the website, but not looking like an active product.

I didn't contact Ruger, though. I contacted Davidson's (Gallery of Guns). As a premier (the primary?) Ruger distributor, I figured they'd have the best answer I could get. Their response, in my words:
The .327 Blackhawk and .327 SP-101 are no longer orderable or in active production, and any that may be received in the following months (from backorders) have already been spoken for by dealers.
The GP-100 is still available, but may only be due to an over-supply on Ruger's end.
(Yea... it wasn't the most popular option - even if it is the best of the bunch.)

Just a side not:
The more I shoot the GP-100, my Super Blackhawk, and Cornbush's .45 Colt Blackhawk... the more the .327 Blackhawk feels like a boat anchor.
It's a blast to shoot; but a heavy beast.
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