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It's a fine price if it locks up well and the timing is good and the barrel isn't bulged.

In my area, there is a glut of these as the local HUGE gun store outfit just got a couple of trade-in contracts. These came from some Dept of Corrections, the best we can tell.

Of course, that's my locality. Each would certainly differ. Even with the fact that there are MANY of these available around me, all of them having been issued guns of varying exterior condition, I still say that's a fantastic price for a stainless K-frame in good working order. If it should happen that yours is a civilian gun that was simply sold commercially when new and was never part of a LE contract or an issued gun, and the exterior condition backed that up... that price would be a ridiculous STEAL in my opinion.

Let's just hope your next post in this thread is something like, "DADGUMIT, I went back and someone else had already bought it! "
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