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I load 4 calibers, this is what works in my guns:

9mm......4.5 grains Universal behind a 124 grain Berry's bullet, very accurate. Ruger SR9-C

40 S&W......6.7 grains Longshot behind a 180 grain Berry's, mild recoil and accurate. Springfield XD-40 4" barrel.

223......25.3 grains H4895, Hornady 55 grain FMJBT, CCI 400 primer, Rem case....consistently shoots 1.5"-2" at 100 yards, 5 shots from a Mini-14. With A-Max bullets, I can get it down to an inch at 100 yards.

308....44.5 grains IMR-4895, CCI 200 primer, Rem case, Nosler 168 grain HPBT....this load will consistently shoot an inch at 100 yards, 5 shots. This is from a Remmy 700 SPS Tactical with 20" heavy barrel. About 1 out of 4 groups will print 3/4" inch....I'm happy with this.
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