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Anything missing in my rifle collection?

I own the following rifles and am wondering if I am missing anything from my collection that I could benefit from?

I like to target shoot out to 300 yards and hunt most animals under the size of a large white tail. I also use a rifle for self defense inside the home and around my small homestead in rural Alabama.

DMPS AP4 LR-308 - Deer/ hog hunting, target shooting and Home Defense. It is very accurate and reliable but heavy.
Ruger Mini-14 - I used to hunt rabbits and ground hogs with this and use it for home defense. The accuracy is very poor past 50 meters so I am considering selling it and buying an AR. Right now it is a back up rifle for Home Defense.
Remington 742 .30-06- My son uses this to hunt with.
Ruger 10/22 - We have several of these for target shooting
Various other .22s for plinking, hunting and whatnot.
M1 Garand - I bought this as an attempt to collect all the great WWII rifles. So far I am up to three.
Mosin Nagant- As above, although not nearly as fun to shoot.
Enfield Mk1 No 4 .303 - As above; but my wife uses this to hunt with.

That is all for now. Any ideas would be helpful.
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