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Unless you already KNOW there was powder in each cartridge, one cannot say for sure whether it was a squib or misfire.

The only two "squibs" I have had with my reloads were not squibs at all. They were solid loads of H110 in a 41 Magnum over magnum primers. They worked fine until I took the gun out and shot it below freezing; I had 2 bullets stop at the forcing cone in two cylinders. The reason I knew it was a result of the cold causing the powder to fail to burn correctly was a) I had loaded on a single stage and verified every charge, and b) when I opened the gun to check the barrel for obstruction after each odd-sounding shot the full powder charge poured out the back of the barrel.

Needless to say, I have stopped using H110 for that particular application.

A jug of powder is not worth the headache it can cause with your gun, get one that works right!
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