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You are correct, but how do you change a brain washed public, that believe doing nothing will keep them safe? That is what the media, and LE teach. Leave it to the Police? Just be a good witness. What is the saying? "I carry a gun, because a Cop is to heavy"

That message is every where. The NRA wants an armed person in every School.
They are getting laughed at! "Guns are the problem, not more guns?"

We have a disconnected general public, they are living in a dream world.
My time in the Brit Military, was between wars/Police? in Korea, etc.

So I did not serve in a combat zone, lucky I guess, but after the Royal Signals, came marriage, two children, two jobs, 53 hour weeks, week in and week out.

Thirty year's in England, three in Australia, thirty five in Canada, and 9 in the US of A, I became a Citizen in 2011.

Twenty five of those years in Canada, I had my own Weapon Training Business, and tried to pass on the ability to deploy a weapon (Police/Military/Security) to engage a close up threat, 10m to zero.

All from Duty Holsters, all incorporating reloads from the belt.

Five hundred students a year, for twenty of those years.

I taught aggression! Instant fight, or give up! Someone, or more than one, stuck a shotgun in your face, and asked you for the money sacks, you gave them up, someone shot at you, you shot back.

For sixteen of those years, I rented out my range to the El Al and Consulate armed Officers of those establishments. This ended when I left Canada in 2003, so I feel I am not giving away to much, 9 years later!

The Police teach head for cover, the Israelis teach draw, crouch, and shoot.

The difference? Philosophical, one, return fire when I am safe (more or less) the other, an elegant shrug of the shoulders, "You hit better when you are standing still"

Skill at arms? Yes, to some degree, but instant aggression? That is what you need in a fight. Thinking is too slow.

In the situations we see today? You also might need to hit a small target at extended ranges, for that you A/ have to know how to shoot, and B/ know were your EDCW hits!

A for instance on marksmanship, going to your vehicle, late at night, you have just escorted your Bar staff to their cars, you are heading for your own car, with the cash! "BANG/BANG two bullet holes in your fender, a flash of light from the corner of the wall, a window is hit. Well lit parking lot.

Distance, 20m, a white sneaker is protruding from the wall! Six inches in front of that shoe, and up to the shoe? Is your target area. Front sight and press. Has it happened, every thing we can imagine, it has happened, somewhere, sometime.

So Lady's and Gentlemen, yes you need rapid deployment of your EDC Pistol, not to much attention to sights, a lot of time you are looking over the slide.

But for the chance you might need the ability to hit very accurately, you need to know how to do that, as well!
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