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Ron, the problem isn't that small primer .45 brass doesn't work, or doesn't work well. It runs GREAT, I use them also. The problem is that we literally have one HUNDRED years of brass before some idiot knucklehead decided to make a change.

At the least, it's an annoyance. In reality, it gets to be dangerous when a piece of small primer .45 gets mixed in with your large primer .45 and you attempt to prime it, especially for those working with progressive machines or volume operations.

Certainly, you can make the argument that they need to be on their toes and inspect their brass, but someone has still created a problem out of nowhere.

it won't be long until small primers is about all your going to see.
Not hardly. I found some .357 Magnum brass on my last range trip with the Super-Vel headstamp. Quick search suggest this stuff was last marketed in 1974. I've found plenty of large primer .45 Auto milsurp brass with head stamps dating to the 1950s. The truth is that both you and I will have gone to our final resting place before handloaders stop coming across large primer .45 Auto brass.

The idea to make it small primer certainly benefits things from a production standpoint, no need to argue otherwise as it's fact. From a handloader's standpoint, it's absolutely awful idea. It'd be a fine idea if you had the benefit of a time machine or the ability to re-write history.

They should have left .45 alone and changed 10mm Auto to small primer...that I could get on board with!
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