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Yep; still in business.
I just traded my S&W model 52-2 for a Premier grade 7.5" 454 Casull.
I emailed Freedom Arms for a birthdate of my trade and asked some other questions.
Got no reply for a couple days, then a phone call from the owner of the company.
We talked for about a half hour.
I thought that was pretty cool, never expected it especially since it was not a new purchase.
Oh, by the way it was built on Oct.13, 1994
I would post a pic, but this sight will not allow it cause my pic's are too large.

I mounted a Leupold M2 EER scope with the 3 ring TSOB mount system.
Shot it yesterday for the first time to adjust the scope using Buffalo Bore 325gr lead flat nose at 1525 fps.

Nice and accurate, what a power house.
This is going to replace my SRH .44 magnum for my hunting pistol.

Always wanted an FA and jumped on the chance cause I am not getting any younger.
Just had to own one and I am not dissapointed.

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