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I entered this thread to bring into it the possibility of a 1892 Win being converted either with a reamed chamber and now I learn, a replacement barrel in .44Rem Mag.
That it isn't safe is good advice to all. But that certainly doesn't remove the possibility that a '92 hasn't been so changed.
The one I know about was reamed out back in the '70s and it wasn't done by the owner. He took it to a LGS that had been doing this.
I do know who now inherited this old rifle and I do not know the serial range but the family was informed as to the value of this rifle and it was in fine condition and a saddle ring also. I will certainly try and forward this information to them.
I did a google and found a little on this here.
The old neighbor that owned the 92 also had a Ruger carbine in 44mag and that's probably a big reason he had the 92 converted, anyway he had Remington ammunition that was loaded back then for rifle only and so stated on the packaging.
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