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Have you noticed if the lube with the crayon wax in it creates any additional residue than if using a lube without any crayon in it?
If I wanted to color wax I would probably opt to use food coloring instead of a crayon.
Well, it's one crayon mixed in with 6 oz of olive oil and 6 oz of beeswax. (That's not a recipe, that's just what fits in my little tupperware container) 'Not a very high concentration. But I'm headed to the back yard to research the residue issue right now...
With all the gunk that shooting BP produces normally, I'd probably be able to burn tire plugs as wads and not notice much more....

Food coloring is water based and doesn't mix well with wax and oil... but if you think a crayon adds too much foreign substances in your mix, you could go with concentrated candle coloring chips. It doesn't take very many of these at all. One pack contains 10 chips and is enough for around 10# of wax.
But crayons are a quarter for a box.
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