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Before I retired as a Veteran’s Rep. I talked to many returning Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. After I retired as a concerned Citizen, I talked to many returning Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of those Veterans told me they were in contact many days and weeks and months at a time from I.E.D.s and/or incoming fire.

As you stare into the darkness with your eyes and ears with Death possibly only inches away on your night defensive position or listening post or ambush, and you Thank God that you survived the day and you pray to God that you survive the night, you realize with first light you will do it again, and again, and again, and there are only three ways you are going home, by being killed in action, by being severely wounded in action, or when your Tour of Duty is over.

Our Military is all Volunteers and it sometimes seems ironic that we sacrifice our Bravest and our Best for the Freedoms, Liberty and Lifestyle we all enjoy, especially for those who in their own self absorbed self interest would never lift a finger to help anyone else.

It is interesting to see the responses on this forum from folks who have never made contact, let alone served a Tour of Duty with multiple contacts over and over again, many have valid reasons for not taking action, getting their loved ones to safety, not wanting to accidentally wound or kill an innocent bystander, not wanting to be wounded or killed themselves.

If we all get to the point that we only look out for ourselves, we as a People and a Nation are history.
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