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I think there are more 1911's in 9mm than you might realize....Wilson Combat makes almost all of their models in 9mm....and they even have a double stack now with a poly frame - double stack...spec ops model in 9mm.

Kimber makes some, so does Springfield...etc...all decent guns in 9mm.../ Baer will make some of his models in 9mm as well...

personally I have a Sig 226 in 9mm and its a nice gun ...but its not a better gun than any of my 1911's in 9mm ....I have a Kimber Tactical Pro II model ( 4", alloy frame), a Baer Monolith 5" ( not my favorite gun or mfg), and a Wilson Protetor model 5" all in 9mm....and my Wilson in 9mm is one of the best guns I have....even better than a Sig 226 X-Five .../ and thats a nice gun too...
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