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I kind of think the response should be to answer the OP on what he listed, not open up the flood gates.

Of those he did list, I would say the USP first, the Sig second.

The HK has the best grips of any pistol I have handled period, including the Sig.

The HK is top notch, have not shot the USP but have shot the P30 a lot and like it. Price no object I would go with that one or one of the variants (P200, P30, P30L)

Other than the grip the HK seemed to have a better SA trigger, not as good a DA pull as the Sig.

Other features about even with some and some. Accuracy seemed to go a bit better with the HK but we are talking pretty small and day to day the Sig was as good but never better.

Barreta PX4 Storm Compact? I have handled that one. Some really nice features, the trigger is very good. I don't like the grip nearly as well as the HK or the SP2022 which I own (great gun at an excellent price, I would call it the best bang for the buck of the three)

I am not too keen on the safety for the DA/SA guns, but it is can can be used as an added safety feature but you have to be consistent what position you keep the safety, otherwise at need it can go wrong.

Worst is its the opposite of the 1911 and flip up to fire.

Sig SP2022 does have the nice aspect of a simpler left side with just the single combined slide release and take down lever in one and no issues with it doing anything odd.

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