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For the OP:

I agree with the idea of going to a 9mm 1911 if you like 1911s so much.

UNLESS you are after more carrying capacity.

All three of the companies you list make good pistols in 9mm.

I could pile on with other 9mm recommendations too, but you have mentioned 3 good makers of 9mm and there is nothing wrong with any of them.

Here is an important question though: What role will this 9mm handgun fit for you?

You have seen pictures of 9mm handguns that run from $400 up to $2000 in this thread. I wouldn't use the Sig P210 for a carry 9mm self-defense handgun personally, but I would LOVE to have one for use at the range on a weekend.

What role is it going to fit/fill for you? That will help us make even more usefull comments.
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