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Glenn, yes, assembly is different than a commercial transaction. But if the argument is that "gun shows are a nuisance because they bring lots of gun foiks together (including some prohibited persons)," then we're talking about an assembly issue. OTOH, if the claim is that all firearms transactions should go through background checks, that's a different issue, and (to some degree) unrelated to gun shows.

Originally Posted by Glenn E. Meyer
. . . .So, someone says - I understand the technical nature of the gun show loophole argument. I just want private sales to go through NICS if the sale occurs at a show venue. . . . .
The question then becomes, "Why? What does a gun show have to do with it?" IMO, it's important to educate the public about this so-called gunshow loophole. For years, the gun show loophole has been (IMHO) one of the biggest lies of the anti-gun movement.
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