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The attractive nuisance argument was used in Austin, TX to make the gun show move away from one location. The cops called it that, IIRC.

I hate to argue the anti side, Spats - but assembly is different from a commercial transaction. Does the state have the legal ability to regulate such? If you sell a car to someone, you have to go through a registration song and dance, if they are to drive it on city streets.

My point is how to you convince folks (if that is your position) that private sales don't go through a check. That is the rule in some states.

So, someone says - I understand the technical nature of the gun show loophole argument. I just want private sales to go through NICS if the sale occurs at a show venue.

Is it unconstitutional? Has it been challenged as such in the states that have such rules?

I might also speculate that the move to allowing carry without permits will slow and perhaps stop. Open carry - the same.

Just a guess. The state of TX couldn't pass campus carry (Gov. Perry aided in that defeat - bah).

If I were to bet, I'd say private sales going through NICS at organized gun shows has the best chance of being put in place.

The antis in the bastions of gun control want the feds to reverse CCW laws and confiscate EBRs. I doubt we would see that.
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