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Back sometime between 1968 and 1970 I was in high school when Colorado implemented the hunter safety requirement in order to get a hunting liscense.
What they did was include the hunter safety course for eveyone in the high schools as part of PE .

At that time,Fort Collins High school still had a rifle team and indoor range.

I personally think programs like Eddie Eagle and Hunter Safety return to the public school system.

Eddie Eagle is an NRA program that is for younger kids..Do not touch the firearm,leave,tell an adult is my understanding of the general idea.

I think the time is now for the school system to get over its political stance of trying to rid society of guns,honor our Bill of Rights,and recognise that,while not all students will be hunters or shooters,our society is a better,safer place if everyone knows the four rules.

Mainstream the safe,responsible ,adult use of firearms and shooting sports,take it out of the dark alley.

Young folks will look up to and emulate something.

It could be the old game wardens that taught us,Sig Palm and Gurney Crawford,or someone the likes of kraigwy.showing the young men and women the fundementals..or it can be the young folks trying to teach themselves how to hold a handgun sideways the way they do in Pulp Fiction,or whatever(I skipped that one)

Show all of the young folks the right way!!

Make honorable shooting sports a thing of honor,trust,respect,maturity.

Do that and you will take it away from punks.

And when someone starts shooting up a school,on site needs to be the means and the skills to put a stop to it.

A shepherd needs to be able to defend the flock.

I would like to think among at least some teachers and principles there is a sense of rage at the helplessness and an understanding they look in the mirror every day at the one person with the power to stop it.

Who could live with the helplessness after what has happened?
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