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Car holster

I was driving around the other night, right hand under the seat belt, trying to shift my IWB holster so it would stop digging into my thigh/butt area. I realized that if I had to draw my gun, I couldn't without a few seconds prep time (un-buckling, turning in the seat, pulling my jacket up, etc).

I know the answer to most in-the-car-defensive-situations is "Willie, just drive." However, there are situations where just driving is not an option. Traffic patterns, narrow one way streets, and drive through businesses can present times where driving is suddenly no longer an option.

I found that my center console is just a little deeper than my G 26 is long. I was thinking about attaching a nylon Uncle Mike's holster to the inside for convenient car carry.

The problems I see with this setup. The center console locks with a key but could be forced open in a minute by my 7 year old niece. Therefore if I kept the thing locked all the time I would do myself no favors as far as speedy access goes. It is also not good security for leaving a firearm unattended in the car. So it seems prudent to transfer the 26 to a holster on my person every time I get out of the car. Which could prove a great hassle in places like a gas station where other people are likely to observe me handling a firearm/stuffing it into my belt holster before I walk inside.

Perhaps I have just drank to much coffee.
"9mm has a very long history of being a pointy little bullet moving quickly" --Sevens
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