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Yep, I'm with Jim: YOU can (but I won't).

Especially an original/early Winchester Model 1892, besides the later Winchester Model 92 with somewhat better steel(s).

FWIW, in the 1960's & 70's, a popular mail-order option was a .44 Mag barrel "kit", to upgrade .38-40 or .44-40 Model 1892/92 Winchesters to .44 Mag (about $29.95, IIRC).
AFAIK, most of those rifles so converted soon failed in one way or another, simply because the strength required to contain .44 Mag pressures required more than just a barrel of modern steel - the inferior action, bolt & locking lug strengths will soon come into play.

No, they didn't usually fail on the 1st shot, and maybe not on the 100th - but fail they did, sooner or later.

I elect to not be behind the trigger of something destined for failure - YMMV.

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