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Question on using Eezox. (health issues?)

Ok, so awhile back I asked you all what would be the BEST chemical for cleaning/preserving your guns. Eezox came highly recommended. So I got some and it works great.

First I'll explain a few things then I will get to the question.

But recently I've noticed alot of complaints about how toxic some of the stuff that is in Eezox is. More so then other ones. Apparently they've wanted to ban one of them?

I live in a very small apt with a bedroom, kitchen and tiny bath with my girlfriend. I need to clean and maintain my guns in my bedroom. Then they are placed in a safe for storage in the closet. I keep my Eezox in a gallon ziplock and the cleaning supplies in ziplocks and a small tupperware container when not in use.

Normally i keep my windows open, to get fresh air, while using it but since its winter its to cold I can only crack them a few inches.

Now both my girlfriend and I sleep in my bedroom and my concern is if we are being exposed excessively to the vapors given our current living situation? Or how dangerous are these fumes?

My other friends use SLIP-2000 on their guns which is supposedly non toxic. Should I look into switching to that?

I as much as I love my collection and want it to be well taken care of. I would feel horrible if in doing so I got myself or especially my girlfriend ill.

I realize this isn't a black and white yes/no answer but I respect alot of members here to try and answer it to the best of their abilities. I want to be sure the info I read was correct. I will also be contacting Paul at Eezox to see what he has to say.

Thank you all for you time.
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