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Cleaning Rod and Brush material

I've read hundreds of threads on this topic but it seems everyone says different things. I've never cleaned a gun and my first gun should be here soon, so I want to understand this topic well before I clean my gun for the first time.

Many people say steel rods are the best because they are harder than brass but still softer than your barrel. This apparently allows the rod to stay free of grit which can supposedly scratch the barrel. I can't find places locally that carry them. It seems everyone carries brass rods. From what i hear the brass rods can get grit embedded in them and scratch the bore. Then I hear about people using brass rods for 30 years and nothing wrong has happened. If grit can get embedded in the brass rods why can't grit also get embedded in the brass brushes? Also isn't this the same grit and debris that we push through the barrel as we clean it. If pushing all this gunk down the barrel doesn't hurt it why is it a big concern if this same stuff becomes embedded in our cleaning rods?

Some people swear by coated rods, but I keep hearing the rods can become scratched easily and the protective coating can wear off which defeats the purpose of paying big bucks for those rods.

Is there a difference in the brass brushes that come with el cheapo cleaning kits vs the ones you can buy separate?

If anything I said is wrong let me know, i'm just trying to sort out all the information.
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