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Just for a strategy point of view about the gun show loophole.

It does no good to say that there isn't a loophole anymore. That was the misconception awhile ago that there were no NICS for dealers at show.

That is cleared up in the most knowledgeable anti spokespeople.

They will argue now that the gun show is a convenient venue for private sales to come together with good guys and bad guys mingling. Thus, the show is an attractive nuisance as it expedites bad sales. Is that a loophole, not really but the counter to you saying there isn't one better be more than just there isn't one.

So if you want to come up with a gun show loophole argument - that's the current debate and saying there is one, won't work.

It's like how EBRS are now being clearly identified as semi-auto assault weapons to shut down folks saying an AR-15 is not an assault weapon as those are full auto.
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