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new or entry level handgun shooters....

There are some good points here.
I do not go shooting a lot but the few times I've gone with people who never fired a real, loaded pistol or revolver, I've noticed they always have their fingers on the trigger.
I constantly have to remind them NOT to put the finger on the trigger until they are ready to fire.
I think TV & movies have a lot to do with it. New or untrained shooters always say the gun; "went off" when they have a discharge. Not being aware of how they pulled the #%*+ing trigger!
I like the newer model Taurus pistols with the pad on the frame for gun owners to use "muscle memory" & keep the shooting finger on the trigger guard.
More handgun & defense sidearm designs should have this practical feature.

Some handgun shooters think a DA pistol or revolver must be "cocked" too in order to fire. This is a basic lesson that any instructor should address to avoid mishaps. I've posted a item before about a gun press article I read a few years ago. A older lady with no firearms training told her neighbor about her .357magnum revolver and asked him to check it. The neighbor found out she had kept the loaded .357magnum with a cocked hammer in her bedroom for nearly 20 years!
These are issues new shooters have.

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