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The mark up on guns can be ridiculous, I bought a brand new gp100 6" ss through a good friend that's an ffl and he charged me his cost only, I paid 389.99, that was 6 or 8 years ago so I'm sure things have gone up. I bought 4 brand new revolvers that day, the GP, a single six .22 .22mag, ruger sbh .30 carbine, and a ruger 4 5/8 SBH .44 Mag, they all had to go back to ruger for repair except the single six! They had installed the wrong ejector on the .30 carbine so the ejector rod wouldn't even go through the cylinder, the .44 base pin kept jumping out and would lock the cylinder up, everytime I shot it I had to push the pin back in, the GP100 shot so far to the left that the rear sight blade was as far adjusted to the right as it would go (it stuck way outside of the ramp) and that just barely brought the POI to the left side of the bullseye so I was out of adjustment, Ruger replaced the barrel on that one. Fairly dissapointing day that was!
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