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Tiny groups, Remington 700 SPS Tactical? Or something else?

I'm finally in the market for a .308 bolt action rifle. I helped someone I know research and pic out a rifle for him self over a year ago, and we decided on a Remington 700 SPS Tactical. I've been shooting with him and the rifle enough times to say that the gun can consistently put 3 shots into a half inch at 100 yards using 168 grain federal match ammo, so long as we are shooting well.

I've got a nice Tikka 30-06 that I can keep within one inch without much trouble, and lucky for me, it really likes some of the cheaper federal hunting ammo available at walmart.

But I'm craving something that will really shoot! I'm really close to buying the same rifle as my friend. I feel pretty confident that I could just go buy the same rifle and ammo, then do a good job of mounting my spare Zeiss 14x scope, and be shooting dime sized groups right along with him (we are of equal skill level, more or less)

However, I'm starting to look into the Remington SPS Tactical AAC-SD. This one has a 1 in 10 twist as opposed the the 1 in 12 on the bassic SPS Tactical It also has a threaded barrel. I'm thinking that what ever I end up with, I'd like it to have a threaded barrel because there is a good chance that I might like to venture into the world of suppressors down the road.

Anyone have any experience with the AAC-SD 700? I've read a few reviews here and there, and no one seams to be getting better than a 1 inch group with this rifle regardless of how many different types of ammo they try. While I consistently read reviews of the basic SPS Tactical shooting half inch groups, sometimes better.

I've done as much research as I feel I can realistically do on my own, and now I need opinions. Does Remington make any higher end tactical 700's, maybe with a better stock and still a threaded barrel? I wont go for a custom gun, I think my absolute limit would be $1300 on the rifle... leaving only ammo and mounts for the scope to buy (maybe a bipod I suppose)

I'm really excited to start shooting at longer ranges and squeezing in some really tight groups. I want to get one good .308 bolt rifle for this and I want to do it right the first time. I want a threaded barrel to allow for a suppressor in the future (or at least muzzle break) and I need to do it without getting into some $3,000 custom rifle.

Thanks in advance my friends... Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas

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