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things can escalate quick. All I am saying is, what was the deal with the wave? ...especially if you were concerned about the individual(s) you were dealing with andor the 'part of town' you were in
It wasn't me who waved. It was my wife. At that point, because I had slowed down so much, they were 8 or 10 cars between us and getting farther apart. My wife is a friendly sort and probably felt any danger was over. After my talking to her I am sure she would not do it again if the same situation ever happened again. It hasn't.

And in just about any large city there are areas of town that it is not really prudent for certain people to be wandering around in. With the gang problem we have, they don't like outsiders trespassing on their "turf." I remember not too awfully long ago a family (white if I remember correctly) got lost in a city (don't remember which one). A gang killed the whole family.
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