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Win 73, in your earlier post you said, "The traffic was thick so the hole I cut into wasn't very big." Now you say you had perfectly safe and adequate room. Those statements do not agree well.

One of my personal peeves is the driver who assumes that because he has signalled, he can now do what he wants. Signals and wants do not equal right of way.

I would not blame the guy for being annoyed the first time you cut him off. Twice? Not a good idea, and not courteous by any stretch.

I think your assumption that your race, and not your behavior, offended the other driver is offensive.
You are infering what I did not imply. Yes, the traffic was thick. Yes, I would have liked more clearance. But it wasn't available at the time. Yes, I did say and still say the opening in the traffic was adequate. If I thought there was any more than ordinary traffic hazard in the move, I would not have endangered my family to take it. No, I did not say it was "perfectly safe." You are never perfectly safe when you are in a moving vehicle in traffic. I am an ex police officer. I directed a lot of traffic and worked accidents. My assessment at the time was and still is that I made a safe move.

You keep saying "cut off." I repeat, I did not cut him off. He did not need to change his traffic pattern either time. He did not need to slow down either time. He could have just kept flowing with the traffic.

You keep making it sound like I was deliberately picking him to cut in front of. Both times I was focusing on the traffic and just looking for an adequate hole to move into. As I said, I did not even realize that it was the same guy the second time until after I had changed lanes.

Come now, you don't think people are prejudiced against people of other races? I know whites that are prejudiced against blacks. I know blacks that are prejudiced against whites. During my time as a police officer, I saw a lot of it. I was called a honkie and worse names more than once. It really didn't bother me a whole lot then. I have black next door neighbors now and we are friends. When I lived in Kansas I had black next door neighbors. We were friends then. My children and their children played together and got along just fine.

If you are black and that is why you find what I said offensive, I am sorry. But I stand behind everything I said.

And as an ex police officer I definitely realize that signalling doesn't give you the "right" to do whatever you want. What is a bigger peeve to me is the fellow who doesn't signal.
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