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Charter experience

Nice Undercover, best of luck with it! I picked up an Off Duty a couple of years ago ( theres an early review on here somewhere ). To be honest, it's been flawless. Not a ton of rounds through it, maybe 500-600 at this point, but it's accurate, easy to carry and locks up as tight as it was when new.

Honestly, I was a little leery of purchasing the Off Duty, having read mixed reviews, but decided to give it a try. (I also work just down the road from the factory, so dropping it off for any repairs needed wasn't going to be a chore) I'm happy to say, I haven't needed to contact the factory at all. Not quite as refined as my S&W's, but I have no complaints...

Based on the experience with the Off Duty, I went ahead and picked up a 4" Pathfinder in .22 LR a few months ago and so far, so good there as well. Not the lightest or smoothest of triggers in DA, but acceptable for me and it's getting better with use. SA is actually pretty good as-is. It was relatively inexpensive, and has been great to get my wife and kids familiarized with hand guns and shooting.

I know there are some out there who may not be the biggest fans of Charter - and that's fine, to each their own, but I haven't had any negative experiences to date.

Enjoy! And drop a range report once you get a chance.
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