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I am in the same boat here.
I recently moved to NC from GA

I have done as you all said, Step One:
got a new Driver's License for NC

and I went to the Sheriff's office to ask some questions...

Total idiocy is all I received!
I simply asked about the procedure for getting a NC Carry-permit (or whatever they call it) and was met with blank stares. The woman behind the counter called her superiors but I still got no helpful information...finally a customer behind me stepped in and helped me figure it out. I think!

It's confusing here but you must PAY and take a class, and after taking said class, you must PAY and go apply for the conceal-carry-whatever-they-call-it-here and do more paperwork at Sheriff's office.

I feel like as a person, I should be able to inherently carry my firearms...concealed...and without having to spend hundreds to "take a course" and "pay to have a card that says I can exercise my right!"
Not to mention hours of frustration and classes to "legally"

I like being under the radar, Why would I want to allow the state to know everything about me including identifying information just so I can put into practice a right of mine?

As long as I carry concealed and only use it as a last resort to save myself or someone's life. I really get uneasy about having to go through all the financial and time-consuming burdens of obtaining a piece of plastic that "allows" me my right

...end rant
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